Corrected QT Interval (QTc)



QTc Bazett[1]:
QTc Fredericia[2]:
QTc Framingham[3]
QTc Hodges[4]:


Computational notes

When you enter QT or RR in millimeters, it is assumed that the ECG is recorded at a speed of 25mm/sec.

With QT expressed in seconds, and Heart Rate (HR) in beats per minute:

RR interval (sec) = 60 / HR.

QTc Bazett:[1]

QTc - Bazett formula

QTc Fridericia:[2]

QTc - Fridericia formula

QTc Hodges:[3]

QTc - Hodges formula

QTc Framingham:[4]

QTc - Framingham formula


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